The WCG Ultimate Gamer Season 2 Recap - Was It The Ultimate Show?

The WCG Ultimate Gamer series 2 commenced on August 19, 2010 and ended on October 7, 2010. In the season 2 recap Katherine Gunn was the eventual winner, ending 8 long weeks locked away with 11 other gamers each with their own individual personality, how exciting, huh?

The season 2 recap would recount that audiences started to dip and fade away. This perhaps was not such an interesting and entertaining TV show after all, especially in light of the juvenile pranks carried out by the participants. Would they not be concerned of what the viewing public think of them whilst getting up to such antics? It would appear not.

To be on such a kind of TV reality game show, these players would undoubtedly all have to be very accomplished gamers, that one's taken for granted. As well as that when selecting the players for the show, the producers would have been looking for various character types, just like producing any kind of TV show.

The show ultimately has to entertain its viewing public. It could be very easily thought that the mass viewership of this show's audience would be made up of gamers themselves, but it's not with this in mind the show is put together. Certainly the idea is one of players competing against each other, but the real entertainment comes from the conflict between these confined gaming residents.

The fact that it is a reality TV show really makes no difference. Neither does it make any difference the fact that it is a show about players competing against each other and the outcome is that of an eventual winner. No it is all about human nature and relationships and how well people get on under a given set of circumstances. One only has to watch the odd soap opera to see how that kind of scenario plays out.

Soap operas are not all about romance even in the daytime ones, there is always an underlying theme as any good script writer will confirm and that is for the producers to have a steady stream of "conflict" running through each and every episode, it's what the whole show is all about and WCG Ultimate Gamer for anyone who has viewed the season 2 recap will see the stark similarities with these larger than life characters. Just like real life eh?