Hannah Simone called "hottest geek" by partner Gourdin

WCG, or World Cyber Games, executive producer Michael Agabian said their main pitch was always combining video gaming with television and make it interesting. In partnership with Samsung and other bodies, this format was made possible and even bought to a higher level. In the TV series WCG Ultimate Gamer, 12 players are placed in a loft in LA and compete in various video game challenges, with the ultimate champion bringing home $100,000 in cash, a Samsung gadget package and become the brand ambassador of WCG around the globe. The winner also attended the 2009 Grand Final held in China. Hosts Joel Gourdin and Hannah Simone together with executive producer Dwight Smith sat down for an interview with Jim Halterman to talk about the series and how the drama covers more than just the games.

Agbabian said the women on the show are strongly competitive and are hell-bent on winning. Several of them are hard-driven since the gaming community is made up of more males than females. He said the women contestants really want to establish their skills and presence and they are hoping to do it on the show. Smith explained how the casting auditions were a little different from other reality shows. The applicants were tested in several criteria. Personality is obviously a huge factor but skill is also crucial. So players underwent numerous gaming tests that spanned several genres. Gaming backgrounds were also checked.

Despite the show being about games, Agabian said it also touches the personal lives of the gamers. Host Hannah Simone was amazed at how the show gained popularity and how it evolved to become a means of good living for players. She said that through the show, players can now make careers from playing video games.

Hannah Simone added that watching the contestants do their best knowing that each time they enter the Samsung Stadium, one of them will be eliminated. The level of efficiency they all showed was simply mind blowing. She exclaimed how the show challenged the usual perception about gamers and how WCG broke down all stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding video game players. A dose of drama was also seen on the series. The romantic connections share the spotlight with the heartbreaking stories of some players.

The WCG Ultimate Gamer premiered on the Sci Fi Channel.