Will New Syfy TV Shows Bring Back The Legions Of Hard Core Fans?

It appears the big guns of Syfy TV shows realize that they kind of dropped the ball. Hey things happen in life. Not always does everyone get it right especially at the first time of asking.

Listen, the cable networks top brass are not going to say this in such a bold fashion and hold their hands up, but it does appear that in certain quarters that there is an admission that somewhere during their ongoing journey to the treasured land of milk and honey, someone lost the plot with their Syfy TV shows.

the opportunity for wonderfully crafted dramas, in other words more of the best, was unfortunately passed up. Such a great shame, what on earth happened?

Everything seemed to be going so great, a little name change tweak to the network wouldn't make much of a difference, would it? Surely they'd be able to cater for their strong band of ex Battlestar fans wouldn't they?

Unfortunately not, somewhere in between the name change from The Sci-Fi Channel to The Syfy channel and the crew of Battlestar deciding to call it a day, it all collapsed.

Syfy did continue to launch other successful terrestrial based dramas such as Eureka, and Warehouse 13, but it appears that the problem was not in the shows that they were currently launching but more to do with the shows that they weren't making. Shows that would be on a level with Battlestar Gallactica with its industry buzz and legions of fans to follow on a regular basis.

Filling such a gap would demand a strategy of the highest order. Hey that's why these execs were at the top of their game. But unfortunately they dropped the ball and failed to fill the void, leaving the playing field wide open for the likes of The Walking Dead from AMC.

Nobody throughout the industry figured a such a show could deliver such broad mass appeal and what about HBO covering themselves in glory with such huge blockbusters in Games of Thrones and True Blood.

Yes a larger programing budget from parent company Comcast could fire them back into another space odyssey, but they'll need to keep a firm hold on the Syfy TV shows roadmap this time. Might not go down too well amongst some, if further trouble was to ensue. Might be one mistake too many perhaps?