WCG Ultimate Gamer Season 1 Recap - Does Anybody Really Care?

How many folks ever sat down for some enjoyable viewing of the WCG Ultimate Gamer reality TV show? How many people even remember it never mind are capable to give a season 1 recap one wonders?

WCG Ultimate Gamer was a reality TV show about 12 of the country's top gamers that went into battle against each other. The idea was to knock each other out with one remaining player declared the winner. As the season 1 recap goes, the ultimate winner of the first series which started airing on March 10, 2009 was Mark Smith, who was attributed to have had a very cool head.

The producers of the show went on to make more than one series but ultimately the show got cancelled in spite of all its juvenile pranks and contests, which one would think a lot of gamers would find absolutely hilarious and amusing, but perhaps even they had had enough.

It appears everyone now lives in a very strange world especially when it comes to watching reality TV shows. What on earth would people from the days of the 50's and 60's have thought of such a phenomena, if these kind of formats were used to entertain in the pioneer years of television? Seriously, how well would they have been received, would TV even have survived as a medium, with something that they surely would have had a very hard time trying to get their head around?

As well as the contestants displaying their dubious playing abilities, the winner as well as receiving big cash, won a trip to Chengdu, China, to test their skills on a global scale.

It has to be said that the World Cyber Games which was held in various cities every year around the globe, eventually build up to paying out some extraordinary prize money to its winners, before its ultimate demise in 2014. One can't imagine the World Series of Poker reaching such a fate. Not so sure the Poker players of the world would roll over and die if that were to ever happen to them!

With the reality show now also long gone and the season 1 recap now long completed, one wonders if this show could ever possibly enjoy a comeback and return to the screens. If so how would it be greeted and would gamers take time away from their own games to watch others on TV, playing their games? Guess they'd have to be crazy, but then one can never say never, can they?